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The domain name has become integral to small and large-scale business strategies. The brands are using domains for marketing benefits to maintain brand ownership. A suitable domain name can help to build an online presence to stay competitive in the corporate world.

Thousands of domains are created, sold, and purchased daily. In such an environment, anybody can buy a domain to develop a portfolio, and students are no exception. The student community is considered active and passionate about showcasing their skills. They need to build a website, and a domain name is necessary. This blog will discuss some key benefits of a domain name and a suitable domain from GitHub.

Key Benefits of a Domain Name

Even though there are billions of websites on the Internet, a custom domain name makes it easier to let people find you. With a domain name, you can get the following things:

  •  Building an online presence for business
  •  Building the trust for your brand
  •  Making websites more visible on search engines
  •  Get to the right people
  •  Spreading the ideas to a bigger audience
  • Boosting SEO
  • Giving the first impressions positive

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub Student Developer Pack offers free essential services for students to buy a domain name. You can get plenty of premium versions and subscriptions to increase your visibility. Some of the key advantages of the GitHub Student Developer Pack are:

  •  You can get a free domain for one year from Namecheap.
  •  For cloud hosting, you get a $100 credit
  •  Canva pro free for one year
  • $100 for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  •  Premium courses from FrontendMasters for six months
  •  One year of Typeform’s professional plan is free.
GitHub - Student Developer Pack

GitHub – Student Developer Pack

Steps to Get a Free Domain from

Step 1: Sign up for a GitHub Account

Sign up for a GitHub account to start the process of getting a domain name. You are required to provide your email address and set a password. Your account is ready. Log in if you already have an account.

GitHub - Sign Up

GitHub – Sign Up

Step 2: Get the Student Developer Pack from GitHub

After completing the signup process and establishing a GitHub account, you may navigate to GitHub education and click “Get Your Pack.” You may view the deals you will receive from the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Step 3: Use your Code to Get the Deal

The Namecheap deal will appear in the first row when you scroll down the website. You must click “View Code” to get your free domain and obtain the associated code.

Step 4: Get a Free Domain

By following the above steps, write the domain name you want to get with the “me” extension for free. Once you have selected the domain, click on the checkout button. The domain name is yours.


Suitable and relevant domain names are vital for the online growth of modern-day businesses. It reflects the business type and model to the audience. There are many platforms offering domain services for students. But GitHub is the recommended one because of its attractive plans.

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