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The business world is changing quickly and becoming complex by the day as all modern-day businesses are moving towards digitization. There is hardly any business where digital tools are not being used, and with the growing pace of data, more and more technical people are required to smooth business operations. You need technical skills to be relevant and effective in the ever-changing business world of the day. Technical skills may vary from field to field, but to be technical is the demand of modern-day business approaches.

The tech field can offer much to skilled people. It is because of the demand and needs of businesses to be competitive in the market. That’s why it is generally understood that tech employees are paid much higher than in other fields. In the tech world, $100,000 is considered normal. Web developers, data analysts, designers and even digital marketing managers can earn up to a $100,000 break in just a few months. If you have some technical skills, there are limitless options to make money online.

Although some people think that $100,000 is a significant amount, this is not the case anymore—the increasing workload of companies and the use of new technologies in production demand more technical staff. Every brand has become network connected, and all the operations are run through a network. So, apart from physical work, technical work such as analytics or assessments has become vital. As the demand for the technical staff is high, but the supply of experts is low compared to demand, brands agree to pay much to technical experts for financial gains.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills

High Paid Technical Skills Based Jobs

Product Manager

Product management is a process that guides every step of a product’s lifecycle. A team carefully crafted everything from presentation ideas to design, the raw material to pricing mechanism. The head of this process is known as the product manager.

Product Manager Responsibilities

Product Manager Responsibilities

The product manager is responsible for the final version of any product launched in the market. A product manager must oversee the whole process of production, keeping in mind the demand and customer interests. The product manager identifies the customer need and significant business objectives that a product would serve. He carefully observes the latest trends to develop competitive strategies or a vision for the product. Other technical skills and responsibilities of a product manager might be:

  • Deep understanding of targeted users’ needs
  • Developing the real-time analysis for improving quality
  • Aligning the other team members behind a common goal
  • Defining the features of the product

Because of the importance of the position, professional product managers with five years of experience can easily earn up to $100,000. This is one of the best ways to earn money from the internet.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud technology has become a vital part of modern-day businesses. The Cloud services include data storage, transportation and processing for a business. The IT engineer that can build and maintain the cloud infrastructure for a company is known as a cloud engineer.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer can help businesses move data for cost savings and smooth business operations. A cloud engineer’s fundamental responsibility is to evaluate a company’s technological needs and how cloud resources can be used to meet these needs. Cloud engineers also oversee the ongoing cloud use and develop new strategies, if needed. A cloud engineer’s daily responsibilities based on technical skills may include:

  • Helping brands to move their network systems to the cloud
  • Observing the cloud networking and resolving the security issues
  • Creating databases, websites and apps that can perform well on the cloud
  • Monitoring the cloud management process as a whole

According to Glassdoor, a cloud engineer can earn up to $110000 on average in the USA. On the other hand, cloud engineers with little or basic level experience can get a salary of $97,000, while skilled cloud engineers can get around $163,000 a year.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the branch of science that develops programs or machines that can act like a human brain, such as chatbots. The IT expert who involves in such a process is an AI engineer. He can help the brands increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.

AI Engineer

AI Engineer

AI engineers play a vital role in business growth for the brands which use AI technology. They identify the problems and make the strategy to solve them using AI technology. Here are some other technical skills-based responsibilities of an AI engineer:

  • Create diverse strategies for AI development
  • Conduct research for statistical analysis
  • Monitoring the AI infrastructure
  • Assisting product managers with the latest AI models

As AI engineering has become a specialized technology field, it has the potential for rapid earnings growth. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an AI engineer is around $102,000 in the United States. But according to Payscale, the average salary of a skilled AI engineer is around $125,000.

Big Data Analyst

Brands are expanding by the day and producing large sets of data to manage. It’s becoming complex to handle vast amounts of data using traditional methods. So, here comes the role of the prominent data analyst. Data analysts can help brands find helpful information or business insight from large amounts of unstructured and raw data sets.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

A prominent data analyst should be an expert in using database languages and significant data software and understand data mining and extraction techniques well. He can work with data scientists, database developers and a management team to extract the required output. A Big Data analyst must understand the market trends by identifying, collecting, analyzing, and communicating with big data. The key responsibilities of a prominent data analyst can be:

  • Collecting and analyzing the data to extract relevant information
  • Identifying the new data sources and developing the strategies for data mining
  • Writing Structured Query Language (SQL) queries to get data from other sources
  • Monitoring the performance of data mining and fixing the issues
  • Keeping an eye on the latest market trends to collect and process data

The salary of prominent data analysts depends on many factors, such as educational qualification and level of expertise. But the estimated salary for a Big Data Analyst is $112,390 in the United States, with an average salary of $91,030, according to Glassdoor.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain technology is a shared ledger that facilitates the process of financial transactions and tracking digital assets in a business network. A blockchain engineer is an IT professional that uses blockchain technology to develop innovative financial strategies. He must be well aware of large data structures, blockchain architecture and web development.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer

The responsibilities of a blockchain engineer can vary from company to company. But here are some common and essential responsibilities of a blockchain engineer.

  • Designing and developing apps using blockchain technology
  • Researching the latest material for blockchain projects
  • Testing the apps and blockchain-driven projects
  • Maintenance of back-end and front-end blockchain applications
  • Provide the solutions for the existing blockchain issues

The salary of blockchain engineers is increasing by the day. The average salary of a blockchain engineer in the US is $107,000. But the experienced blockchain engineer can get $150,000 to $175,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity is known for the different techniques of protecting online networks or computers from online hacking attacks. A cybersecurity engineer can evaluate computer networks and online activity to identify potential threats that could harm computer systems. He can monitor the brand’s online activity to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. The general responsibilities of a cybersecurity engineer might be:

  • Analyzing the networks to assess the potential cyber threat
  • Developing new strategies to secure the online activity of the brand
  • Integration of secured resources for heavy online traffic
  • Keeping an eye on the latest trends to counter the cyber-attacks
Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity Engineer

Demand in the cybersecurity field is increasing, but the supply is low. There are not enough qualified cybersecurity engineers to meet the need of the day. As a result, the salaries are very high, ranging from $120,000 to $140,000. Expert cybersecurity professionals can earn up to $210,000 annually.

Software Engineer

Software engineering deals with designing, developing and maintaining software applications—a software engineer programs software for computer networks and other devices. They can help brands to overgrow by developing user-friendly websites and apps.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Apart from testing the apps developed by other engineers, there are some other responsibilities that a software engineer can perform.

  • Designing and maintaining the software systems for brand needs
  • Testing new technologies for better results
  • Optimizing the software for a better user experience
  • Writing new codes for apps
  • Presenting new features for the latest market trends

Working as a software engineer is challenging as it can consume too much energy. But it can pay well, as the average salary of a software engineer is $110,000 in the US. Expert professionals can get up to $150,000.

How to Use Your Technical Skills?

Become an Expert

It is a well-known fact that tech experts are paid more. Brands love to pay the people considered an authority in their field. The good thing about being an expert is that becoming an expert is not an uphill task. Here are some aspects of being an expert:

  • It’s essential to be the best at what you do, whether digital marketing, designing, coding, or anything else.
  • You don’t have to be ‘the best, but you must not compromise below this.
  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and accurately represents your expertise.
  • On your website or in your portfolio, highlight all the places you have mentioned and all the information related to your area of expertise.

Create an Action Plan

Setting goals in life is essential, but you will have to act accordingly. To achieve something extraordinary in life, you will have to work extraordinarily. You have required an action plan to achieve what you’ve set in your life. The goal here is to earn $100,000 in one year.

Here is a to-do list for you to achieve your goal.

  • Time Management: Time management is the most critical part of your action plan. Manage your maximum all-day activity within 24 hours. Sleep well and work well, as balance is vital to time management.
  • Daily Work: You will have to work daily if you are serious about your mission. You can take a break, but this should not be due to missing deadlines.
  • Working Hours: 9 to 5 jobs will give you that anybody can get. But, you will have to maximize your working hours, not 16 hours a day. 60-70 hours a week could be what you can start with, and increasing productivity will help you to reduce it.
  • Small Targets: Big goals cannot be achieved overnight. The general formula to achieving big goals is to break down the big goals into small but achievable daily tasks.
  • Performance Assessments: Tracking your assessment is vital to understanding your work’s ability and stamina. If you assess your work correctly, you will be able to find its worth of it. You should make an assessment report of your work every week.
  • Latest Information: Tech market is changing every day. There are new techniques and technology to grow businesses rapidly. There is a new generation that loves to do experiments each day. If you want to be effective in the tech market, you will have to understand the latest technologies. The tech reviews may help you to understand it better.
Action Plan

Action Plan

Where to Start?

Understanding the latest market trends is essential to start a journey toward achieving a six-figure salary. But first of all, you must invest in your education as it’s crucial to acquire the fundamental skills required to be successful in the job market. Both technical and soft abilities will be combined to assess your level of success.

The next step is to gain experience after you’ve completed the training required for your desired job. You can gain practical experience in the workplace and open doors to more positions by taking on entry-level employment or internship. Keep in mind that networking is essential for career advancement.

Another aspect to start with is freelancing, as you have the skill and ability to work. There are many freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer etc. You can offer services or apply for a job to test your skills and abilities. If you are skilled enough, there is a high chance of response on these platforms. You will not only get the much-needed experience but money as well to survive in the market.


Technology is changing the ways we live and communicate. But at the same time, it’s helping us make a career. The demand for technical experts is increasing as most businesses are moving towards online activity. The massive increase in online traffic is producing more and more data, opening new ways of employment in the technology world. The need of the hour is to understand the importance of technology and to act accordingly.

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