Top 5 CRM software for Business

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CRM software is designed to help corporations with seamless and unique experiences. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It keeps sales track, provides a picture of customer relationships, and collaborates with different teams. There are around 40% of brands across the globe integrated with CRM software. Most brands using CRM have recorded a tremendous increase in customer and sales retention.

CRM helped them with customer support and built engaging relations with their customers. If you own or manage a business and are tired of managing customer relationships, then CRM software suits you. It can help you connect with different departments, from marketing to sales and customer services. In this blog, we will discuss the types of CRM software and try to find a suitable one for your business among the top 5.

Types of CRM Software

There are five different types of CRM software.


Operational CRM helps to manage customer data for marketing campaigns and other business operations.


This type of CRM is used for data visualization, giving the best insights about customer and their interactions with the brand.


It can help a business to interact with distributors and vendors based on the shared data.

Campaign Management

Campaign management CRM manages marketing campaigns by using the contact information stored in the system.


Strategic CRM software puts customers first; you use customer information to make decisions.

Top 5 CRM Software


Freshsales is the by-product of Freshdesk. It is helpful to track connections for solving business problems. The platform has a section for sending professional emails using different built-in templates. Freshsales can quickly contact the business records to export them. It has a feature to monitor the history and make calls automatically. It is a cloud-based app that can filter and arrange dates, keeps the difference in bestsellers, and makes changes. You can analyze gains and losses using drag-and-drop navigations. Freshsales provides you the complete control over events.

Freshsales CRM Interface

Freshsales CRM Interface

Prominent Features of Freshsales CRM

  •  Synchronize calendar
  •  Personalize templates
  •  Activity reports
  •  Call logs
  •  Sales campaigns
  •  Email Scheduling
  •  Display and records calls

Pros and Cons of Freshsales CRM



Trend line reports More integrations are needed
Revenue analytics Expensive plans for full access
Pipeline dashboard Multi-language not supported
Mobile integrations
Sales activities reports
Customize sales process


  •  Trial: Free
  •  Sprout: Free forever
  •  Blossom: $12/user/month
  •  Garden: $25/user/month
  •  Estate: $49/user/month
  •  Forest: $79/user/month


Pipedrive helps web developers and salespeople for organizing their business leads. It displays sales according to sales stages and provides the growth of your sales team and deals to get leads. It performs like a personal sales manager and gives you an overview of the sales page, which helps to get the best deals. Add a deal button in the deals section and enter the details in the dialog box, like steps, planned activities, end expectancy dates, and related organizations. It uses customizable Web Procedures to get contact information and put it on the operator’s website or newsletter.

Pipedrive CRM - Interface

Pipedrive CRM – Interface


  •  Full customization
  •  Email integration
  •  Reporting
  •  Contact addiction
  •  Google Calendar
  •  Powerful API

Pros and Cons of Pipedrive CRM



Sales reporting  Slower in loading page
Google maps No trend line reports
Timeline view


  •  Trial: Free
  •  Essential: $15/user/month
  • Advanced: $29/user/month
  •  Professional: $59/user/month
  •  Enterprise: $99/user/month

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM software is an advanced platform that can help enterprises to catch 360-degree views of their customers. It includes automated features for partner relationships, marketing, and other functionalities like customer service management. It can provide you the details of contacts like call or email history. NetSuite offers its services to customers, suppliers, and partners simultaneously. The platform can manage sales forecasts, commissions, quotes, and customer relationships. NetSuite leads to order, opportunity, upsell, renewal, fulfillment, cross-sell and support.

Netsuite CRM - Interface

Netsuite CRM – Interface


  •  Email tracking
  •  Sales forecasting
  •  Lead management
  •  Campaign management
  •  Opportunity management
  •  Customer service management
  •  Time tracking

Pros and Cons of NetSuite CRM



Real-time dashboards Implementation lacking
Marketing automation High cost
Analytics and reports
Mobile apps


  • Quote-based Plan: Contact the provider

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a platform that facilitates salespersons to start working without shifting their workflow. The platform connects you to where you are willing to generate sales, such as email service providers, social media profiles, and telephone calls. HubSpot CRM organizes, monitors, and forwards your sales in the next direction. It offers unlimited storage with up to one million contacts and customers. The software enables you to meet the requirements of B2B, B2C, and individuals. You can attach this software to any ecosystem quickly, saving time in managing customer documentation with the help of tools. The user-friendly interface can link email accounts with a single click without training.

HubSpot - Interface

HubSpot – Interface


  •  Taskboard
  •  Customize views
  •  Drag and drop communicator
  •  Phone integration
  •  Email integration
  •  Company database
  •  Social media
  •  Email connections
  •  Website Visitors

Pros and Cons of HubSpot CRM



Scheduling  Lack of customization
CRM details No marketing automation
Sidekick addition


  •  Trial: Free
  •  Free: $0
  •  Starter: $50/month
  •  Basic: $200/month starting
  •  Professional: $800/month starting
  •  Enterprise: $2,400/month starting


Monday is a CRM platform that allows you to manage and organize customer data, integrations, and processes according to your needs. An integrated contact form lets you capture leads and perform the task automatically. However, you can do it manually to meet your requirements. The platform enables you to import leads with the help of different tools. - Log In – Log In


  •  Session Management
  •  Advanced Account Consents
  •  Automating multiple actions
  •  Provides an Audit log
  •  HIPAA Compliance
  •  Build and customize the dashboard as per requirements
  •  Sales, processes, and performance overviews
  •  Automates repetitive tasks

Pros and Cons of



User-friendly interface It does not provide a free plan
All in one solution Toggling between the views is difficult
It fits your sales workflow
Advanced search capabilities
Private board features
Allows tracking
Provides chat view


With the growing pace of data, business management is becoming challenging and complex. Major brands invest much in management workshops to meet the day’s requirements. CRM software in business management is an attempt to ease business operations. CRM  software is beneficial in dealing with customers and planning strategies accordingly. There are many CRM service providers for online businesses. Those mentioned above are some of the top CRM software in the market. You will have to understand the needs and plans of your business to choose a relevant one.

Check out the uses of cloud computing in the business sector.

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