Top 5 FTP Servers for Windows

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An FTP Server is software that facilitates the transfer of files from one computer to another. FTP (“File Transfer Protocol”) is a method for transferring data to any Internet-connected computer around the globe. But what does it all mean?

FTP is a standard file-transmission protocol between a client and server over a computer network. FTP is a well-established protocol designed in the 1970s to enable data transfer between two computers over the internet. One computer serves as a server to store data, while the other functions as a client to send or request files from the server. The FTP protocol uses port 21 as its primary communication channel. On port 21, an FTP server will listen for client connections.

Functions of FTP Servers

FTP servers and the more secure SFTP Server software execute two fundamental operations: “Put” and “Get.” You can either upload or download files from the FTP Server. FTP Server software is an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this if security is not an issue.

If you wish to allow your clients to download white papers and manuals, or if you have remote employees who need to post non-confidential information (such as timesheets), an FTP Server is a good option. You can configure a server to accept data transmission when exchanging non-sensitive data with business partners who use FTP or SFTP. Some individuals utilize FTP servers for offsite backup to access their data if their files are physically damaged. In addition, backup software frequently writes to an FTP or SFTP Server; for instance, while backing up your Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM), the data must be backed up to an SFTP Server such as Titan FTP Server.

Top 5 FTP Servers

1. WhatsUp Gold

The FTP server from WhatsUp Gold is a wonderful alternative if you seek a service-based, always-on tool to protect and simplify file transfers in your network. This free option can be utilized if you wish to transfer configuration files or system files.

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold

This simple and effective technique can save you time and effort when downloading and uploading files. In addition, you can use it to move device configuration data and operating system software across networked devices and PCs.

Key Features of WhatsUp Gold

  • Mapping
  • Network discovery
  • Altering
  • Virtual monitoring of up to 20 devices
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Load management
  • Simple In-app upgrades

2. SolarWinds

SolarWinds offers a free FTP server for secure and dependable file transfers. It is an effective and user-friendly solution for managing all file transfers. You may effortlessly publish configuration updates, operating system images, backup configuration files, firmware, and transfer files up to 4GB in size. Using this approach, you can simultaneously transfer files from several platforms without misunderstanding or error. It can also authorize transfers from a single IP address or a range of IP addresses.

SolarWinds' Interface

SolarWinds’ Interface

SolarWinds’ award-winning FTP solution is free for essential services such as device firmware, OS updates, and network configuration backups. However, if you wish to utilize additional features, you must pay a minimum of $1,738. It will consist of:

  •  Advanced versioning, searching, and backups of device configurations
  •  Management of advanced device setup scripts and templates
  •  Multiple user administration and a high scalability
  •  Configuration audit

3. Tftpd64

Tftpd64 is a 64-bit French Windows program with a functional FTP server. It is a lightweight, open-source, free IPv6-ready application featuring TFTP client and server functionality. In addition, DHCP, SNTP, DNS, and Syslog servers are included.

TFTPD64 Server Setup

TFTPD64 Server Setup

The FTP server and client support all FTP settings, including timeout, block size, and size, providing the highest level of data transfer performance. In addition, it contains additional features such as security running, directory support, interface filtering, etc.

Additionally, early acknowledgments and progress bars enhance the throughput and use of the FTP protocol for both the FTP server and client. Additionally, the DHCP server supports infinite static or automated IP address assignment. Tftpd64 can also be implemented as a Windows service. It is the same as its other version, Tftpd32, a 32-bit application.

Key features of the TFTPD64 server:

  • TFTP server and client
  • Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server
  • Syslog server
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Server (DHCS)
  • Domain Name Server (DNS)


SourceForge is a Windows/Unix FTP server with many threads. This free, open-source software operates a service or daemon. It is also available in a single-port variant. This FTP server supports nearly all industry-standard features, including total file size (tsize), interval duration, block size, block number rollover for huge files, and process owner other than root. Additionally, it is excellent for detailed and historical logging.

SourceForge - FTP Server

SourceForge – FTP Server

Sourceforge’s TFTP server supports client port ranges and can define server ports and interfaces. It leaves a smaller footprint and is appropriate for system administrators and other skilled users.

Key features of SourceForge server:

  • Unlimited bandwidth for Open Source projects
  • Extensive worldwide mirror network
  • Download statistics over time, by platform, and by region
  • Free analytics; take no time to set up
  • Automatic platform detection: Windows, Mac, and Linux users get the proper release

4. haneWIN FTP

haneWIN FTP server is a multithreaded RFC 1350-based server that provides high data transfer reliability and throughput. It is a Windows-based solution that supports many Windows versions. The server supports FTP multicast, as stated by RFC 2090.



The FTP server provides a specialized, user-friendly control interface for accessing all services. You can also receive data directly from other programs using the pipe option. haneWIN FTP is compatible with Windows versions ranging from XP to 10. On Windows 95, 98, and 2000, you can also run it in the background as a service without logging in.

haneWIN FTP provides data security for profiles based on the desired operation, file folders, and IP address. Additionally, set up your server for data transfer across several UDP ports dependent on your network traffic and firewall configuration.


If you seek a straightforward, quick, and uncomplicated method, an FTP is a good option for sending files, installing configurations and updates, and booting a device. It is ideal for local networks and intranets because it does not require authentication and is simple for administrators and engineers to utilize. Thus, based on your preferences, you may select any FTP server mentioned above and use its features and functionalities.

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